Computer Program Used To Find Depressed Bloggers


For some reason it’s apparently very important to find a computer program that is capable of detecting depression among bloggers.  I wasn’t aware of this pressing need, but I guess the researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel are on top of the situation.  They have already gotten the computer program up and going.  Plus, they have made it scan 300,000 English speaking blogs.  After it had done all of that fancy scanning, they made psychologists take a look at the text the computer deemed the writers to be depressed.

The researchers agreed with the computer 78% of the time.  Sure, it’s not that 99% that we all know and love, but that’s pretty good for a computer.  The computer goes through and picks up on key words like “black” combined with other words that are warning signs of depression.  Soon, maybe you can just get a special program for your computer to give you therapy instead of paying a shrink.

Source: Neatorama