Compatibility Center Incompatible With Itself

compatibility centerIn hilariously ironic news, Microsoft’s newly launched “Windows Vista Compatibility Center” is not working.

The Compatibility Center — a service designed to show PC users how much of their hardware and software would work with Vista — was just launched at a Microsoft conference Tuesday. It’s been offline and non-functional ever since.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Information Week the site would be back “as quickly as possible.” She neglected to add that the programmers attempting to repair it were likely using Vista and thus still waiting for their systems to finish booting up.

Maybe we need to turn to Microsoft’s official press release to get the true story.

“Through this new compatibility tool, Microsoft will work to solicit continuous feedback from consumers and partners to ensure that their purchase and adoption experience remains positive long after their migration to Windows Vista,” the release reads.

“Except that no one is migrating. And the compatibility tool doesn’t work,” it should have also stated.

Well done, Microsoft. Well done.