Company Suing Warner Bros. For Pirating Their Anti-Piracy Tech


There isn’t a man alive who hasn’t had to sit through some commercial about piracy or heard about the sue-fest that has gone round again and again to do with all of the piracy.  Warner Bros. just happens to be one of the many trying to fight piracy.  They’ve sued popular music sites and even hired interns to find pirated items and issue takedown notices.  None of that is remotely surprising to anyone.  The twist to the tail is that Warner Bros. may actually be using pirated software themselves.

You see there is a German company called Medien Patent Verwaltun or MPV for short.  Way back in 2003 they showed off their anti-piracy technology with Warner Bros.’ invite.  Then in 2004 they started using it to put anti-piracy coding onto their future films.  Now the tricky thing is, they didn’t have the permission of that company.  Now it hasn’t been proven one way or the other just yet.  Either way, this is probably not going to help them appear all that high and mighty while they’re hypocritically chasing down the little guys pirating films.

Source: Switched