Church Cross Doubles As Cellphone Tower


One church sadly found themselves without a cross at their church after theirs was destroyed by a storm.  That happened 30 years ago and up until now they had been unable to replace it.  Thankfully T-Mobile has paid to replace it, thanks to it conveniently doubling as a cellphone tower.  It’s a bizarre twist of events to have a cross filled with technology to keep our cellphones going, but right or wrong it gave the church their cross back.

I’m sure not all will approve of the merging of technology and religion for the New jersey St. Gregory Episcopal Church.  Truthfully I’m a little undecided on which side I’m really on with the whole matter.  I could see those that are religious perhaps having a small problem with the modern world invading on something that has been around for so long.  However, if cellphone companies were turning their current towers into crosses it might be viewed differently.  Then others, both religious and non-religious, might just be happy that the church got part of their property back after an unfortunate storm.  Like I said, I’m a little undecided.  I’m definitely not outraged over it, but it is odd.

Source: Switched