Cheating Wife Sues Cellphone Company For Ruining Marriage


It’s a beautiful age we live in, where we can sue just about anyone no matter who is at fault.  Say you’re cheating on your husband and the cellphone company accidentally outs you on the whole affair.  Instead of realizing you made a huge mistake and the universe has found a way to out you, you cry about it and sue the company for $600,000.  Why?  Well clearly she couldn’t be the one that ended her marriage, it’s the cellphone company.

You see Nagy had her cellphone through Rogers and it was sent to her under her maiden name.  Then through the same company they had cable TV, internet and a landline, but it was sent to her husband’s name.  Well Rogers decided to merge the two and sent her bill plus everything else to her husband without notifying her.  Which according to her lawyer is an invasion of privacy and breach of contract.  When the husband opened the bill he noticed on the itemized cellphone bill there were several hour long conversations.  He decided to do a little digging and realized what was going on, therefore left her.  Sure, the company should have notified her or not done it at all.  However, whining that the cellphone company is what ended your marriage and job is just pathetic.

Source: Switched