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Robot for Tandem Bicycle Takes Over The Work

Someone has finally created a robot to make it possible for you to not have to pedal at all.  This robot goes on the back of a tandem bicycle and peddles away.  It’s almost like a motor attached to a couple of wheels.  If only there were other devices like that.  Like say, cars or […]

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Strange Car Wrecks featured On Blog For Your Amusement

Now here’s a Sunday kind of activity that is bound to cheer you up, even though Monday is creeping up all too soon.  This little gem of a website will make you realize that no matter what’s plaguing your mind, it’s not that bad.  It’ll of course make you also tilt your head to the […]

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Zoo Animal Poop To Power Cars

That’s right, you could sometime in the future run your car on elephant poop.  Which despite all of the green benefits and not to mention the fact that you’re a full grown adult, I still doubt that anyone could resist laughing just a little on that one.  I suppose if you’re going to base a […]

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