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Man Attempted To Steal Gas From Van Using Cordless Drill And Failed

With gas prices high, there have been many reports over the past few years of people that attempt to steal gas from unattended vehicles.  Well this scumbag not only did a poor job, but he managed to set himself along with the van he was stealing from on fire.  Oh and did I mention the […]

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Bank Robbery Foiled After Robber Locked Keys In Car

It’s long been known that if you’re going to rob a bank you need a getaway man.  Unfrotunately, one bank robber didn’t heed that advice and it didn’t end well for him.  After successfully making off with some fat cash they discovered that they couldn’t get into the car.  The female bank robber had unfortunately […]

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Villainous Snow Globe Collectors Beware

They’re onto you.  You thought that your elderly status would make them actually believe that you’re just oh so innocently collecting little trinkets from all corners of the world. Well the airlines are onto your scheme, you’re just trying to sneak liquids onto the airplane.  All panic could ensue with people carrying around snow globes!

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Man’s Driver License Taken For Drunk Driving Toy Car

Let’s say you’re incredibly plastered on a Friday night and need to get from A to B.  Well what’s a guy to do?  To get a taxi would be to admit defeat and well your buddies probably wouldn’t show up.  Well for Paul Hutton that means it’s time to pull out the stripped and rebuilt […]

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Men Involved In Police Chase While Testing Out Homemade Train

What happens when a few mischievous geeks decide to do something with a few old parts lying around?  Well they get a police helicopter called on them of course.  Yes, they don’t just settle for getting chased down by a few cop cars, they have to do it right and have the helicopter pulled out […]

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Texting Bus Driver Busted By A Passenger’s Phone Pic

We’ve all on occasion caught a city paid driver texting away as they weave in and out of traffic.  It’s enough to make most people sweat bullets as you just barely miss the bumper of several vehicles.  Not to mention when the driver almost plows into the side of a vehicle that cuts you off, […]

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Pilots messing with laptops overshoot destination

Everyone has their ways to deal with those long flights, a lot of us are on our laptops or other electronic devices as soon as it’s allowed in the plane.  Well it turns out that the passengers aren’t the only ones enjoying their technology just a little too much.  Two pilots were on a Northwest […]

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Driver Crashes Into Cop Car While Texting

If one were creating a top ten list of things not to do, this would at least be in the top five.  Texting while driving is an act that even if it’s still legal in your state, it’s heavily frowned upon.  Even though it’s not illegal now, it just seems as if it’s going to […]

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