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US Military Trying To Create Nuclear Reactors Powered By Poop

No one really thinks about it, but when the military has a base out in the middle of the desert all of that poop has to go somewhere.  The military can spend over $65,000 in fuel costs every year just to burn off human waste at a base camp in the Balkans.  Which got one […]

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Your Germy Keyboard May Be Able To Be Traced Back To You

Microbiologists at the University of Colorado have been up to their ears in keyboards covered in all sorts of bacteria and germs.  Which is a job I’m not sure I could get paid enough to do.  Everyone’s aware of all of the germs that sit in your keyboard.  Well they decided to study all of […]

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Quick Put On The Aluminum Foil Cap Researchers Can Read Your Mind

Well at least that’s what one British team of scientists claims.  They’re doing all of it through brain scans.  Which means you’re pretty much safe if your head isn’t attached to a bunch of wires.  They managed to do this by making 10 people watch a few short films with different actors all about daily […]

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Been Talking To Your Computer? Study Says You’re Lonely

I’ve always talked to my cars and once I had a computer of my own, well I talked to that too.  Then again, I talk to my dog on occasion too.  I’m much worse with cars than I am with computers though.  I apologize to the car when I hit a bump too hard, mostly […]

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Fake Looking Bomb Detecting Device Is Shockingly Fake

What do you get when you throw together some plastic and a metal rod?  A metal detector of course.  Completely believable right?  Well apparently it is for some, because one UK company has managed to make millions on the device.  Thankfully a UK news team decided to analyze the device a whole lot closer than […]

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Recycled Tree Turned Into Rocket

People are always preaching that it’s important to recycle, they scowl at those that don’t bother to make sure their cans end up in the proper area.  Well something tells me this is not what they had in mind when they discussed recycling your Christmas tree.  However, you can’t help but enjoy watching a Christmas […]

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Geek Culture Is Scaring Away The Ladies (from computer science fields)

Sometimes geek culture can seem a bit overwhelming to the outside world.  Unfortunately, you mention someone has a computer science major to the general public and they’ve already rendered an image in their head of the stereotype we’re all quite familiar with.  Not surprisingly, that stereotype is much of the reason that women seem to […]

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Obama To Protect Us From Robots

Obama like every other President we’ve had is great at keeping people talking.  Of course, people may not always be speaking fondly of him, but they do talk.  Whether you like him or not, the random geeky references he seems to mingle in with his politics keeps things interesting.  Now he’s promising to protect us […]

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