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Belly Armor Saving Babies or Feeding Off Of Protective New Mothers

When you discover you’re a new mother you can often get overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at you.  It’s hard to know what’s true and what is not.  One of the big things you hear about is that new mothers should be careful around items that emit radiation while they’re pregnant.  Well […]

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Gross But Brilliant – Girl Drinks Her Own Brain Fluid

Don’t worry, she’s not a part of some strange teenage cult that you’ve never heard about.  Instead she has a medical condition that’s causing debilitating migraines.  Her condition causes her to create far too much spinal fluid, which is why she gets the headaches.  The solution was to drain that extra fluid, but it has […]

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Kid Electrocutes Himself And Parents Sue Teacher

Sometimes I get genuinely concerned about the level of intelligence that some people in this world seem to have.  I keep reminding myself that there are smart people out there and that bad news travels faster than good.  It makes it so that I can still have a small amount of hope in this world.  […]

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Computer Program Used To Find Depressed Bloggers

For some reason it’s apparently very important to find a computer program that is capable of detecting depression among bloggers.  I wasn’t aware of this pressing need, but I guess the researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel are on top of the situation.  They have already gotten the computer program up and going.  Plus, they […]

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3D Haters Now Have One More Reason To Hate

Of course those that do like 3D will probably not mind this information much, because some things are worth the risk.  However, I imagine what ABC discovered will at least make you pause a little before you go slipping on those free 3D glasses that your favorite in theater movie requires.  ABC’s Good Housekeeping went […]

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Robot Officiates Wedding

First there are robots with knives, now they’re giving robots a whole new level of power.  The power to wed couples.  Tomohior Shibato and Satoko Inoue opted to be married by a robot.  Not just any robot, but one charmingly named i-Fairy.  Yes, they even went as far as to get married by a fairy […]

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Everyone panic!! Robots Wielding Knives

Have these scientists never been to a movie theater?!  Don’t they know that the world will eventually be taken over by robots?  We all know it’s true, it’s merely a matter of time.  After all, it happened in the movies and we all know everything that happens in the movies comes true.  Now the researchers […]

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Pills With Microchips Know If You Didn’t Take It

We’ve all watched those movies where the stealthy main character pretends to take a pill and instead just keeps it in their mouth.  Well now those days may be coming to a tragic end.  Instead of being able to pop it out of your mouth when they’re not looking and walk away.  The nurses, doctors […]

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