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Employee Fired Via Text Message

There are a few things if you text or post them on any social networking site, it just makes you an insta-douche.  Texting an employee that they’re fired, yes, that’s one of those things.  Now, I’m by no means saying that technology is at fault.  I fully believe that if Mr. Youell hadn’t had the […]

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Burglar Forgets To Lock Cellphone And Accidentally Calls 911

There are several things in life that most people with common sense have learned not to do.  Sadly though, common sense is apparently not something we were all born with.  One thing you might want to be careful about, make sure that your cellphone is locked before you go doing anything particularly illegal.  That’s one […]

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AARP Reveals The Elderly Are Enjoying Their Sexting

I feel the need to insert a small disclaimer here, what you’re about to read, you can never erase from your mind.  Even worse, once you know, you’re just dying to tell other people despite that you wish you’d never found out in the first place.  As it turns out, senior citizens sexting is on […]

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Texting Bus Driver Busted By A Passenger’s Phone Pic

We’ve all on occasion caught a city paid driver texting away as they weave in and out of traffic.  It’s enough to make most people sweat bullets as you just barely miss the bumper of several vehicles.  Not to mention when the driver almost plows into the side of a vehicle that cuts you off, […]

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Pilots messing with laptops overshoot destination

Everyone has their ways to deal with those long flights, a lot of us are on our laptops or other electronic devices as soon as it’s allowed in the plane.  Well it turns out that the passengers aren’t the only ones enjoying their technology just a little too much.  Two pilots were on a Northwest […]

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Driver Crashes Into Cop Car While Texting

If one were creating a top ten list of things not to do, this would at least be in the top five.  Texting while driving is an act that even if it’s still legal in your state, it’s heavily frowned upon.  Even though it’s not illegal now, it just seems as if it’s going to […]

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Latest study shows texting drivers 23 times more likely to wreck

People who text and drive are fairly common, I will admit that it seems that some are exceptionally skilled with it.  Myself, I’m not so grand at it, but in my defense, I have one of those phones that you can’t feel where you’re at on the number pad, plus I drive a stick shift.  […]

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Genius kids use caller-ID spoofing to mess with 911

Many have heard of “swatting” it is commonly associated with fairly harmless pranks.  However, it can go in different directions besides the harmless pranks.  There are perfectly innocent legitimate uses for swatting.  At the same time though, there are pranks that take things way too far.  One genius known as “Little Hacker” has been telephone […]

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