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Stay Out Of The Real World And Get Your Kisses Virtually

Technology is truly a beautiful thing and most of us wouldn’t know quite how to live without it.  Sure, we’d live without Facebook, but you start cutting out the basic items like the washer and dryer then there will be issues.  Despite that we all love our technology, sometimes you get a little worried about […]

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Pledge To Go Offline For One Day

At some point or another we have all been a little bit of an addict to our tech toys.  Some have it a little worse than others, but none of us are perfect.  Every so often I have a day that I feel like I have to step away from the technology.  Truthfully, I don’t […]

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Banker Is Victim Of The Blackberry Thumb

There has been talk of people getting Blackberry thumb in cases where the person has used their phone to text excessively.  Now obviously the injury can come from multiple types of phones since the issue is with the way a person texts on their phone.  In cases of text related injuries, the person often required […]

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iPhone Users getting more action than Blackberry owners

There are always debates on which smart phone is the absolute best out there.  Phone users can get into heated arguments over it, all the while listing off the top specifications of their phone of choice.  Well now iPhone users have one more thing to give them a little edge above the other brands out […]

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Looking for Roommate In NYC…iPhone users need not apply

There are a lot of important factors when you’re choosing not only an apartment, but the person you intend to share it with.  Things like your budget and the area you’d like to live in make perfect sense.  Also it’s important to get along with the person, so sometimes you need to meet and see […]

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Woman sends threatening texts…to herself

Getting threatening or just flat out unwanted texts can be annoying to say the least.  I’ve had to change my number  before thanks to AT & T giving me a phone number that apparently previously belonged to a frat boy that loved getting dirty jokes from his equally mature buddies.  It’s a pretty simple process, […]

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Church Cross Doubles As Cellphone Tower

One church sadly found themselves without a cross at their church after theirs was destroyed by a storm.  That happened 30 years ago and up until now they had been unable to replace it.  Thankfully T-Mobile has paid to replace it, thanks to it conveniently doubling as a cellphone tower.  It’s a bizarre twist of […]

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Cheating Wife Sues Cellphone Company For Ruining Marriage

It’s a beautiful age we live in, where we can sue just about anyone no matter who is at fault.  Say you’re cheating on your husband and the cellphone company accidentally outs you on the whole affair.  Instead of realizing you made a huge mistake and the universe has found a way to out you, […]

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