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Lindsay Lohan Gets Therapy For Twitter Addiction

When people used to talk about being entered into rehab, you used to always assume they were being treated for a drug or alcohol problem.  No longer is that really the case.  Now, it’s entirely possible that their online addictions will get addressed as well.  I had heard of places that catered solely to online […]

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Woman Travels With Gun To Kill Online Bully

Very few people that frequent the internet have managed to avoid someone chewing them out unnecessarily.  In real life you’d get a nasty look for the occasional round of bad grammar or having an oppinion that differs from someone else.  However, on the internet death threats over something so small are nothing out of the […]

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Where’s Waldo Bandit Confesses On Facebook

Even bankrobbers can’t help but confess their daily activites to Facebook.  Try as they may that urge to broadcast to the world is clearly too much for them.  Police believe that they have nabbed the Where’s Waldo Robber all by the handy process of spying on Facebook.  The diabetic bank robber posted that he committed […]

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PC Users: To Stand Or Not To Stand

I know I’m not the only one that has seen the desks that try to get people not only up and standing, but up and moving in some cases.  For the most part I really just don’t see standing desks really catching on.  Now I imagine some will convert to the standing desks, but I’m […]

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Americans Ok With Staying Connected During Sex, Not Ok With Regular PC Maintenance

I know, another day and yet another study.  However, this one offers news that should be surprising, but in some ways really isn’t.  PC Tools released a study that revealed all sorts of unattractive things about some US internet users.  Of course PC Tools put a spin on the news that almost makes the statistics […]

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Pledge To Go Offline For One Day

At some point or another we have all been a little bit of an addict to our tech toys.  Some have it a little worse than others, but none of us are perfect.  Every so often I have a day that I feel like I have to step away from the technology.  Truthfully, I don’t […]

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Google Street View Appears to Have Captured a Dead Girl

Google Street View is notorious for catching all sorts of strange events.  This time it caught a girl laying face down on the sidewalk in such a way that people were soon outraged.  They all thought there must be some unreported crime in the neighborhood and complained that the Street View car didn’t even bother […]

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Seller Accidentally Uploads a Nude To eBay

Sometimes you just are in a rush to get your posting up and running, so you just quickly click through your pictures when you’re selecting them.  After all, they were all together, so just mass uploading them shouldn’t be a problem.  Those of you that have nude photos on your phone or computer may want […]

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