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Student Orchestra performs with only iPhones

Depending if you’re more of a technology enthusiast or a music enthusiast you’ll either find this to be incredibly cool or a musical abomination.  One of the two.  A group of students at the University of Michigan take classes from the instructor Georg Essl.  In that class they’re learning the art of building, designing and […]

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Man Chooses To Be Buried In Computer Case

True geeks can never do anything in a normal manner.  We have to have geeky coffee cups and geek themed cuff links, so why would our deaths be any different?  I have heard of a couple slightly geeky ways to leave this world, but this one tops them all.  Alan decided that he wanted to […]

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European Commission To Set Volume Limiter on Media Players

Those of you in Europe are about to get your hearing protected whether you like it or not.  The European Commission has decided for you that you really should be more careful about how loud you listen to your music.  Obviously, you are far too ignorant to make those choices all on your own.  They’re […]

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Energizer Disguises AA batteries as D batteries

Times are tough and companies are constantly looking for a way to make a few more bucks.  Well Energizer is no exception, if they can make extra cash in some way they’re going to do it.  One would have hoped they’d attempt to come by this money honestly, but as it turns out there’s no […]

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Virginity Rates by College Major proves computer geeks are getting some

We’ve all heard the jokes, that we computer geeks are a bunch of virgins that couldn’t possibly get any action.  Well now there is statistical proof for those of you that have a computer science major, that you and your classmates are getting at least some action.  It may have been just once, but it […]

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Apple pleads with Microsoft to cease Laptop Hunter ads

It all starts out that Apple creates a series of ads bashing Microsoft, so after several Mac vs PC commercials, PC finally got smart.  They release their laptop hunter ads.  Apple’s response?  Well to piss and moan of course.  Honestly, I had no idea that the laptop hunter ads were such a success and apparently […]

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Women are more tech savvy than they realize

Women’s role in technology is one that has been analyzed time and again from several different angles.  It’s true that not enough women are within the technology fields, but as this new study shows, women are not less tech savvy than men.  They asked both sexes if they felt that they were extremely tech savvy.  […]

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10 Odd Computer Input Options

Isn’t it great how you’ve got the entire world at your fingertips thanks to the internet?

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