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People Are A Bit Underwhelmed Over 3-D TV

I’m not one of the many that’s fascinated by 3-D movies and actually I truthfully avoid most movies that I hear are going to be presented in only 3-D.   Which makes the fact that I’m not even going to bother with getting 3-D TV far from surprising.  However, I was a little surprised that one […]

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Store In Shenyang Lets You Bash In A TV For Fun

Sometimes you want nothing more than to break something after someone has royally pissed you off.  A mall in Shenyang recently opened a store dedicated to just that.  Just make a quick stop and you don’t have to destroy any of the things that you own within your home.  Of course, there’s one small condition […]

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Robot Officiates Wedding

First there are robots with knives, now they’re giving robots a whole new level of power.  The power to wed couples.  Tomohior Shibato and Satoko Inoue opted to be married by a robot.  Not just any robot, but one charmingly named i-Fairy.  Yes, they even went as far as to get married by a fairy […]

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Philly School District Takes Photos Of Students Without Their Knowledge

This should probably win some kind of award for being the creepiest thing any school corporation has been caught doing.  It’s also a situation of a school with the best of intentions doing something horribly wrong.  A school district issued MacBooks to their students and then proceeded to take 56,000 photos over a period of […]

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Your Germy Keyboard May Be Able To Be Traced Back To You

Microbiologists at the University of Colorado have been up to their ears in keyboards covered in all sorts of bacteria and germs.  Which is a job I’m not sure I could get paid enough to do.  Everyone’s aware of all of the germs that sit in your keyboard.  Well they decided to study all of […]

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Been Talking To Your Computer? Study Says You’re Lonely

I’ve always talked to my cars and once I had a computer of my own, well I talked to that too.  Then again, I talk to my dog on occasion too.  I’m much worse with cars than I am with computers though.  I apologize to the car when I hit a bump too hard, mostly […]

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Thank Goodness For The iGotaBigAssPocket Jeans

Whether you’re a huge Apple fan or not, it’s difficult to not hear about it when Apple manages to come out with yet another new gadget.  Which means that it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about the iPad and all of the various jokes that have followed the announcement.  One of my favorite being […]

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Your Big Screen Super Bowl Party Could Be Illegal…sort of

Recently someone made a comment that you can’t watch the Super Bowl on a TV screen any larger then 55 inches.  Well, as it turns out there is a grain of truth behind their statement.  It’s actually laid out in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 110 called “limitations on exclusive rights: exemption of certain performances […]

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