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Eternal Optimist Pre-Ordered Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever has become legendary, even despite that it never actually came out.  Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably heard about the gamers anxiously awaiting a game that never ever came out.  For years they remained hopeful, but this past year or so it finally became clear that it wasn’t going to […]

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Can’t Get The Kids To Stop Their Video Game, Call 911

When parents are frustrated beyond repair, I’m sure they think up a great deal of drastic measures to solve the problem.  However, I never guessed that someone would call 911 just to get their 14 year old son to turn off their Playstation and go to bed.  That’s exactly what Angela Meija did at 2:30 […]

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 | Continue reading

Study Finds Wii Fit Isn’t Enough To Buff You Up…shocking

You have to love studies that prove things that you could have already guessed all on your own by just having a sliver of common sense.  The Wii Fit is a fun game to play with, it’s great for getting families off of the couch and at least somewhat improving their lifestyle.  Everyone I know […]

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Japanese Man To Legally Marry Video Game Character

Technology is a strange and beautiful thing.  Within the internet you can be 100lbs lighter and much more successful.  Pick yourself up a Nintendo DS and you can even get your very own virtual girlfriend.  No, I don’t mean just dating a person through the internet, I mean dating a girl that actually doesn’t exist […]

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Kick your World of Warcraft addiction for only $14,000

I’ve been one of the many that have gotten lost in World of Warcraft.  I don’t play anymore, as I’m also one of the many that played so much that I ended up getting burned out on the game.  Well apparently I’m one of the lucky ones.  For those that are completely addicted and can’t […]

Thursday, September 10th, 2009 | Continue reading

Former LucasArts CEO to run for Congress

For those of you that were just about to give up on the world, there might be hope yet.  A former LucasArts CEO is attempting to land himself a seat in Congress.  Although I’m sure that there are some viewpoints you’ll disagree with when it comes to his politics.  However, it’d be nice to have […]

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Psychiatrists to treat World of Warcraft addicts within game

We’ve all heard of gamers so addicted to their games that they forget to function in real life.  Actually, some have even briefly been that person, but most snap out of it all on their own.  For those that don’t and need psychiatric help, one psychiatrist is working on creating a program specifically for the […]

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 | Continue reading

Dealing with First Person Shooter Disease

Those of you that have spent a little too much time gaming know the ailments that can follow.  Be it gaining just a little too much weight or suddenly realizing you’ve spent an hour explaining how to power level a character in World of Warcraft to a person who couldn’t really care less.  There are […]

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