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LovePlus Gamers Rent Real Life Resort Rooms For Their Virtual Girlfriends

When a child clings a little too long to an imaginary friend, people start to get worried and analyze the reason.  They send them off to therapy and make them talk about their feelings.  However, when a 20-30 year old Japanese man creates an imaginary girlfriend through LovePlus, well, one Japanese resort latches onto it […]

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Violent Video Game Attacks Gamer

People are always complaining about violent video games corrupting the minds of otherwise non-violent people.  We’ve all heard the studies about what harm it could do and the blame game every single time anything violent happens within a school.  Well as it turns out they should have been worried about video games physically harming their […]

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Boy Scouts Give Out Achievements For Video Games

Boy Scouts are a classic club that I’ve always wished I could have joined.  The Boy Scouts get a pocket knife and derby races, while Girl Scouts received a case to hide tampons in and craft classes.  Who wouldn’t rather be in the Boy Scouts?!  One thing that’s similar with both are merit badges.  They’re […]

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Video Games Before Bedtime Won’t Cause Sleepless Nights

Have you ever had someone advise against you playing those video games right before bed, because they’d make it so you couldn’t sleep?  Well now there’s ammunition to make sure you have a swift comeback should someone try to get on your tail for that again.  At Flinders University, they conducted a little experiment to […]

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The Wii Used To Fight Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that so far has no cure and stays somewhat of a mystery.  However, one group of genetic researchers and neuroscientists are starting to attempt a new angle.  They believe that by strengthening a person’s cognitive fitness at an earlier age, it could help fight the disease.  To do that they work […]

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Parents Take Care of Virtual Child And Neglect Real One

We all know gaming is a great way to escape reality, much like books and movies have done in the past.  You become a parent and realize that it’s actually a whole lot more work and a thankless job at that, so maybe you go online and enjoy a virtual kid much better than your […]

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Ron Jeremy Frowns On Violent Video Games

Well now that Ron Jeremy has said they’re wrong, everyone stop creating them!  Surely such an upstanding man as Ron Jeremy will cause developers to look deeply into their soul and realize where they’ve gone wrong.  According to him despite him fighting to keep porn out of the hands of children, he doesn’t believe that […]

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Love Found In World Of Warcraft Between Teen and 42 Year Old

That’s touching, one couple found true love, all through WoW.  Granted it was between a 16 year old boy and a 42 year old woman, but that’s not creepy in the least.  The couple has been enjoying each other’s company for 2 years online, both gaming and engaging in “overt sexual discussions.”  Unfortunately for the […]

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