Can’t Get The Kids To Stop Their Video Game, Call 911


When parents are frustrated beyond repair, I’m sure they think up a great deal of drastic measures to solve the problem.  However, I never guessed that someone would call 911 just to get their 14 year old son to turn off their Playstation and go to bed.  That’s exactly what Angela Meija did at 2:30 in the morning, which was several hours after she’d already instructed her son to go to bed.  It’s good to know that 911 can double as a babysitting service.  Can’t get your 6 year old to eat their vegetables?  Just call 911!!

In her defense, she’s a 49 year old single mom of four kids, so it’s perfectly understandable she’d get frustrated.  Her son was also playing a game she greatly disapproves of and she’s not the only parent to complain about this particular game.  It’s of course one of the many Grand Theft Auto games.  Once the police arrived the boy claims they merely went to the boy and said, “Chill out.  Go to bed”.  Yes, those are your tax dollars at work.

Source: GamePolitics