British Teens Have “Firm Grasp” On Technology, Report Says

British kids are apparently more technologically advanced than American youth — at least, it seems, when it comes to cybersex and online porn.

The London School of Economics’ “Mobile Life Report” interviewed British students ages 11 to 18. It found some interesting statistics:

  • 11 percent said they’d had sexually explicit conversations online
  • 28 percent said they’d looked at adult web sites
  • 72 percent said they lied on the previous question

Okay, we made that last one up. But really, those numbers aren’t so terrible. By our non-scientific estimation, 100 percent of our TechCult staffers have looked at an adult web site. 80 percent are looking at one right now.

So are the statistics that surprising? Sure, technology’s made teens’ lives way easier — back in my day, we had to bribe someone to buy Playboys from the local gas station for us — but the idea’s the same.

Anyway, I’d love to provide further analysis, but I’m skewing the stats right now — and here at TechCult, we pride ourselves on maintaining a 90 percent average of staff members looking at porn at any given time. So I’ll take one for the team and bid you a fine weekend, fine friend. See you Monday.