Breaking News: “Sex with Obama” Could Give You a Virus

In disturbing political news today, trying to watch a supposed video of Barack Obama having sex with Ukranian girls could give you a nasty computer virus.

Security watchdog group Websense says someone is sending out e-mails from The subject line says “”Barack Obama sex story with girl.”

Open this fake porn, though, and you won’t be seeing any candidates in coitus. Instead, you’ll get a bunch of bad stuff installed on your computer while a video (which does NOT show Obama) plays on your screen. The end result will be a virus taking over your system and sending your info to a compromised Finnish travel site. Talk about an awkward morning-after.

The virus, by the way, is called the Viola Trojan. And here I always thought Trojans kept viruses away…damned sex ed liars.

In a related story, trying to watch a supposed video of John McCain having sex with anyone could cause immediate and irreparable damage to your sex drive.