Boy Scouts Give Out Achievements For Video Games


Boy Scouts are a classic club that I’ve always wished I could have joined.  The Boy Scouts get a pocket knife and derby races, while Girl Scouts received a case to hide tampons in and craft classes.  Who wouldn’t rather be in the Boy Scouts?!  One thing that’s similar with both are merit badges.  They’re always something you’ve worked for and in the end you have a badge you can proudly show off.  A great deal of the badges to go with the Boy Scouts have more to do with survival skills and doing general good for the community.  Which makes this video game achievement appear a little lame.

Sure the achievement includes teaching them about age appropriate games.  It’s just that, do kids really need one more reason to play more video games?  Is it a sign of the times or just a sign that the Boy Scouts are getting lazy with their survival skill badges?  What’s next?  A badge for sending out the most texts or the best Twitter account?  I love technology, I just don’t really believe it has a place within Boy Scouts.  Instead Boy Scouts should be making sure that technology addicted kids get a more well rounded education by getting them outside and active.  No longer will taking Boy Scouts camping with you mean you’ll have a knowledgable and smart camper, but hey, thank goodness the Boy Scouts are producing better gamers.

Source: GeekDad