Blogging Soldier Silenced

The American military is all about fighting for freedom — except, it seems, when it comes to its own troops’ freedom of speech.

An Army soldier known for posting bold blogs about his experiences serving in Iraq has been forced to shut his site down. The man, known simply as “LT G,” never shied away from harsh or critical posts, often questioning his superiors and the general purpose of his mission.

Apparently, that went too far: On June 27th, LT G wrote that he had been “ordered to stop posting” because of “a rash posting on [his] part” (viewable here). A day later, his fiancee advised readers that the Army had ordered him to delete the blog entirely — just in time, ironically enough, for Independence Day. As of now, the blog is still available at this archive page.

The Army evidently passed a set of regulations last year governing what soldiers could say online. The security-minded intention is understandable, but it’s worth noting that LT G never used any real names of people or locations and wrote only about completed patrols.

Good thing these troops are putting their lives on the line to supposedly defend our freedom. We would award our illustrious and oft-celebrated honor, the TechCult Sarcastic Salute — but we wouldn’t want this site to get shut down, too. So we’ll just say bravo, Army. Keep up the double standards. The troops undoubtedly appreciate being denied the same freedoms for which they are said to be fighting.

I’m sure there are plenty of opinions on this one. Care to weigh in? Comment below.