Genius or Just a Late Night 1-800-HOTCHAT

One industry that I can’t quite understand is the mobile hot chat industry. I see the advertisements late hours of the night and not only does the crappy acting cracks me up, and trust me it does, but I always wondered to myself who actually uses this. So when I came across, embarrassingly the first thing that came to my mind were those late night commercials. Anyway. (whose website really proves that pink is the new blue) is a new mobile service that allows members with the use of their mobile phones to 1.) Create Groups 2.) Add certain Friends to certain Groups 3.) Leave messages for those friends. The unique approach is that everything is driven by “magical voice recognition,” according to BlabNote. Instead of the user doing all of these functions by hand, the user will now do all of this functions by voice. You can decide if it’s a worthy payoff.

How this works is, you will say to your phone certain commands and BlabNote will execute it. For example: “Create Group called GTA4 Rocks”, then “Add Shelly and Busta to GTA4 Rocks”. Lastly,”Message GTA4 Rocks. The New Cheat is Out.” What you have just done is Create a new Group named “GTA4 Rocks” of which Shelly and Busta are now a part of; plus you left a the message in each group member’s message box. You can even call the Group and instantly start a conference call between all members.

Upon first glance BlabNote seems rather gimmicky hence why 1-800-HOTCHAT first came to mind, but I must say after analyzing the concept it may come in handy after all.