BillMyParents lets kids shop with parents money


The internet is still a somewhat puzzling thing for some parents.  Which makes things frustrating for their children, especially when those kids prefer to shop online from the comfort of their home.  It’s also a frustration for the less tech inclined parents to go through a Christmas list and find only a list of printed out links.  Well BillMyParents is meant to help out both the child and the parent in such situations.

This is specifically marketed towards tweens, but could easily work great for teens and students off at college.  When the kid selects the item, they can even add a small personal note for their parents.  The parent will then get an email showing the product, the note, the price and other various details.  At that time they can select whether to purchase it or deny the request.  BillMyParents keeps records of the parent’s debit or credit information and pulls it from there so that parents also don’t have to bother with entering in credit card numbers. Of course for this to work, BillMyParents has to be integrated into the online retail site.  When it becomes available, it officially will only have Amazon on their list of sites.  However, CEO Jim Collas has high hopes to draw in much more than that.

Source: Crave