Beware Torrent users – Miramax reprimands with free movie tickets


In this age of the internet, conspiracy theorists are sounding far less crazy.  They are indeed watching us, whoever they are.  We all know that whatever we post online can be found by people we don’t want to find it.  I don’t think this Twitter user quite expected Miramax to contact her so quickly though.  After all, even though we know we’re being watch, it is hard to really remember that.  Amanda posted on Twitter complaining about the lack of Adventureland on Torrents.  Instead of angry threats sent to Amanda, she received a surprising offer.

If she didn’t pirate it, they’d give her two tickets to see the movie for free.  Of course they ended up only giving her one ticket instead of two, but it’s interesting to see Miramax take this route.  I am not sure if it will get Amanda to pirate less movies in the future, but threats definitely wouldn’t have worked.  Whether it gets her to stop or not, now you know how to get yourself some free movie tickets.  Which is a serious perk considering how expensive a trip to the movies ends up being.

Source: OhGizmo