Been Talking To Your Computer? Study Says You’re Lonely

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I’ve always talked to my cars and once I had a computer of my own, well I talked to that too.  Then again, I talk to my dog on occasion too.  I’m much worse with cars than I am with computers though.  I apologize to the car when I hit a bump too hard, mostly because I’m praying that I didn’t do any damage.  I know I’m not the only one who does goofy things along those lines, but apparently one study had to pick those of us apart that talk to random objects.

Harvard University psychologists did a study on anthropomorphise to be specific.  Which means to see human characteristics in things that have none.  Apparently when we’re deprived of connections with other humans we’ll form connections with non-humans.  Which means those of you that find yourself talking too much to your computer, might want to take a breather from it and go hang out with a few of your friends.

Source: ShinyShiny