Banker Is Victim Of The Blackberry Thumb


There has been talk of people getting Blackberry thumb in cases where the person has used their phone to text excessively.  Now obviously the injury can come from multiple types of phones since the issue is with the way a person texts on their phone.  In cases of text related injuries, the person often required expensive massages just for their hands.  However, one banker has a much more severe version of the Blackberry thumb.  She was texting clients 12 hours a day on her iPhone and ended up requiring surgery.

The tendons in her thumb had become so inflamed they had to actually be removed.  Her recovery after the surgery could take up to 2 months.  Hopefully her job paid for all of this, despite the fact that they could never give her enough cash to compensate for such an injury.  Hopefully those who text too excessively will consider cutting back before any extreme precautions need to be taken.

Source: Switched