Bank Robbery Foiled After Robber Locked Keys In Car


It’s long been known that if you’re going to rob a bank you need a getaway man.  Unfrotunately, one bank robber didn’t heed that advice and it didn’t end well for him.  After successfully making off with some fat cash they discovered that they couldn’t get into the car.  The female bank robber had unfortunately for her, locked her keys in her car.  Smooth.

She’s suspected of robbing two Butte County banks and was arrested by the Davis police after she was heavily slowed down by not being able to get into her car.  After she spends half her life in jail, perhaps she’ll remember to next time call a buddy to drive the car.  Even if that means sharing the cash with someone else.  It’s better than rotting in jail, which is probably right where she’s headed.

Source: Neatorama