Awkward Teenager Posted Rude Blog Comment, Authorities Say

An awkward teenager from Eugene, Oregon posted a rude comment on a moderate-sized blog, authorities said Friday.

The teen, 17, left the remark in response to an editorial about a new piece of software.

“Ur lame,” the message reads. “U shouldnt be allowd to post this kind of junk.”

The site’s owner indicated this may not the first time the teen has left such a comment on his blog.

“We usually just ignore them,” he explained. “The little buggers get pretty bold when they’re behind their computer screens.”

The same teen was observed sending derogatory messages to users in the AOL chatroom “Friends and Flirts.” The insults contained such statements as “omg ur gay” and “id cyber w u if u wrent so lame.”

In related news, a 17-year-old from Eugene, Oregon was beaten up at school for being “a total loser,” administrators said.