Apple Ad Highlights Atrocious American Grammar

apple adAmericans don’t always do grammar so good goodly, and the U.K. ain’t too pleased. The launch of Apple’s new iPod ads in the U.K. is raising a minor uproar on the Internet — and in this case, the naysayers actually have a point.

The complaints come over the freshly minted slogan declaring the iPod as the “funnest” ever. Not only is “funnest” not a word, but it makes Apple sound like the dumbest — that one is a word — company around. Of all the words in the English language, could Apple’s marketers not have selected one that was actually in the dictionary? I realize that “funnest” conveys a deep and unique meaning, but one has to think some alternative could have been found.

The whole thing reminds me of Missouri’s brilliant government-funded campaign for safe driving. The slogan, seen on roads all over the state: “Drive Smart.” Quite an ironic statement, when you think about it. I’ve considered putting up my own adjacent signs: “Write Stupid.”

As you may know, we here at TechCult have strict policies surrounding proper grammar and spelling. And it’s a good thing, too. As a professional writer, there’s nothing I hate more than a spelling misteak.