Americans Ok With Staying Connected During Sex, Not Ok With Regular PC Maintenance


I know, another day and yet another study.  However, this one offers news that should be surprising, but in some ways really isn’t.  PC Tools released a study that revealed all sorts of unattractive things about some US internet users.  Of course PC Tools put a spin on the news that almost makes the statistics seem a little less ridiculous.

According to the study a quarter of us are perfectly ok with staying connected during sex.  Not only that but according to 29 percent it’s just fine to connect during a wedding.  That largest number was 41 percent who don’t see a problem with being online during family dinners.  Now PC Tools claims this just means that staying connected is a very serious issue and that we have to stay connected no matter what the circumstance.  Personally, I still like to shut off my gadgets in order to really enjoy what’s going on around me as I know others out there still prefer to do.  A strange twist is that people would rather get a colonoscopy, visit the dentist, change a diaper or get stuck in traffic than to clean up their computers.  Basically a lot can’t handle shutting down, but even more refuse to do the day to day maintenance that keeps computers running smoothly.

Source: Switched