AARP Reveals The Elderly Are Enjoying Their Sexting


I feel the need to insert a small disclaimer here, what you’re about to read, you can never erase from your mind.  Even worse, once you know, you’re just dying to tell other people despite that you wish you’d never found out in the first place.  As it turns out, senior citizens sexting is on the rise.  This knowledge is brought to you by AARP.  Who have some very blunt interviews with some elderly men and women that enjoy talking dirty and even sending their texts along with photographic proof.

AARP was even kind enough to offer up advice for those that would like to send out sexy texts of their own.  Giving out starter phrases to help them along and letting senior citizens know that they should delete their texts on occasion, just in case.  You can go to the AARP website and find out exactly what Grandpa has been up to when he’s out on those oh so innocent dates.