A loving tribute to noobs or at least the word


If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the internet, you’ve probably seen the word noob.  You may have even used it yourself.  Well noobs might finally get the recognition they deserve or at least the word itself will.  You see there’s such a thing as the Global Language Monitor, that monitors languages in general.  They decide what gets considered a part of the language and what doesn’t.  In order for it to be added to the language, it has to be shown in the media and social networking sites 25,000 times.

Well they are about to add the One-Millionth English word to the language.  There are several candidates for this, a couple being defriend and the infamous noob.  For such a landmark number, you have to admit that it’d be truly hilarious to see noob make it.  Either way I’m sure it’ll make it eventually.  Part of me thinks it’s a little sad that something such as that could be called a part of the English language, but they might as well keep up with the times.  This doesn’t mean that it’ll instantly get tossed into the dictionary or that English teachers will allow it on papers.  However, it will at the very least be technically a part of the language.

Source: Joystiq