3D Haters Now Have One More Reason To Hate


Of course those that do like 3D will probably not mind this information much, because some things are worth the risk.  However, I imagine what ABC discovered will at least make you pause a little before you go slipping on those free 3D glasses that your favorite in theater movie requires.  ABC’s Good Housekeeping went around and tested 3D glasses and discovered that they’re not quite as clean as some of us would hope.

They went around to a total of 7 different theaters within New York, New Jersey and Conneticut.  While on their little journey they didn’t find a single pair of 3D glasses that were sterile.  They all contained some sort of bacteria.  The bacteria that they found could cause conunctivitis, skin infections, food poisoning, sepsis or even pneumonia.  Now before you go freaking out, you should know that doctors have already stated it’s no big deal.  It’s not any worse than the bacteria you’d come across on the arm rest, your box of popcorn or the movie seats themselves.  Granted I don’t like the idea of putting a bunch of germs directly on my face, but I’m not sure it’d sway me a whole lot.  However, it does give me one more thing to hold against 3D movies.  The serious fans can always pick up their own pair instead of borrowing dirty ones at the theater.

Source:  UberReview