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Man Attempted To Steal Gas From Van Using Cordless Drill And Failed

With gas prices high, there have been many reports over the past few years of people that attempt to steal gas from unattended vehicles.  Well this scumbag not only did a poor job, but he managed to set himself along with the van he was stealing from on fire.  Oh and did I mention the […]

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Banker Is Victim Of The Blackberry Thumb

There has been talk of people getting Blackberry thumb in cases where the person has used their phone to text excessively.  Now obviously the injury can come from multiple types of phones since the issue is with the way a person texts on their phone.  In cases of text related injuries, the person often required […]

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Star Wars Fans Get Their Own Speed Dating

The Star Wars Celebration V has spawned an insane amount of Star Wars products, some good and others not so good.  In addition to that there have been all sorts of strange celebrations, one of which is a 3 day event packed full of speed dating sessions just for the conventioneers headed to the Orlando […]

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Google Street View Appears to Have Captured a Dead Girl

Google Street View is notorious for catching all sorts of strange events.  This time it caught a girl laying face down on the sidewalk in such a way that people were soon outraged.  They all thought there must be some unreported crime in the neighborhood and complained that the Street View car didn’t even bother […]

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iPhone Users getting more action than Blackberry owners

There are always debates on which smart phone is the absolute best out there.  Phone users can get into heated arguments over it, all the while listing off the top specifications of their phone of choice.  Well now iPhone users have one more thing to give them a little edge above the other brands out […]

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Seller Accidentally Uploads a Nude To eBay

Sometimes you just are in a rush to get your posting up and running, so you just quickly click through your pictures when you’re selecting them.  After all, they were all together, so just mass uploading them shouldn’t be a problem.  Those of you that have nude photos on your phone or computer may want […]

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Looking for Roommate In NYC…iPhone users need not apply

There are a lot of important factors when you’re choosing not only an apartment, but the person you intend to share it with.  Things like your budget and the area you’d like to live in make perfect sense.  Also it’s important to get along with the person, so sometimes you need to meet and see […]

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