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Bank Robbery Foiled After Robber Locked Keys In Car

It’s long been known that if you’re going to rob a bank you need a getaway man.  Unfrotunately, one bank robber didn’t heed that advice and it didn’t end well for him.  After successfully making off with some fat cash they discovered that they couldn’t get into the car.  The female bank robber had unfortunately […]

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Friday Online Nonsense To Distract You From Work

It’s Friday and the cold hard truth is that we’re all wishing it were the end of the day, so that we can begin the weekend.  If you’re having a particularly tough Friday then you could probably use a couple time wasters.  Thankfully, the internet is jam packed full of absolutely pointless, but still funny […]

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Ilse Aigner Attempts To Create 10 Golden Rules of Netiquette

Aigner is the German consumer minister and she believes that the net needs 10 golden rules of etiquette.  Not just any rules though, ones made by those that use social networking websites.   She intends to use a similar principal as they already use for Germany’s urban transit system.  It runs on an honor system where […]

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Woman sends threatening texts…to herself

Getting threatening or just flat out unwanted texts can be annoying to say the least.  I’ve had to change my number  before thanks to AT & T giving me a phone number that apparently previously belonged to a frat boy that loved getting dirty jokes from his equally mature buddies.  It’s a pretty simple process, […]

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Store In Shenyang Lets You Bash In A TV For Fun

Sometimes you want nothing more than to break something after someone has royally pissed you off.  A mall in Shenyang recently opened a store dedicated to just that.  Just make a quick stop and you don’t have to destroy any of the things that you own within your home.  Of course, there’s one small condition […]

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Church Cross Doubles As Cellphone Tower

One church sadly found themselves without a cross at their church after theirs was destroyed by a storm.  That happened 30 years ago and up until now they had been unable to replace it.  Thankfully T-Mobile has paid to replace it, thanks to it conveniently doubling as a cellphone tower.  It’s a bizarre twist of […]

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