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ThinkGeek in hot water over their Unicorn Meat

ThinkGeek is notorious for their funny yet fake products.  One of my favorites is their Canned Unicorn Meat.  The slogan they threw in with it is “Unicorn – the new white meat”.  Well you probably know of the pork slogan, “the other white meat”.  Going to a whole new level of stupidity, the Pork Board […]

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Computer Program Used To Find Depressed Bloggers

For some reason it’s apparently very important to find a computer program that is capable of detecting depression among bloggers.  I wasn’t aware of this pressing need, but I guess the researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel are on top of the situation.  They have already gotten the computer program up and going.  Plus, they […]

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Twitter Users Get To Control Man In Real Life

You probably don’t know David Perez, but apparently he has decided to allow Twitter users to control his every move.  He works for an advertising firm in Chicago and he pitched the idea to his boss after a little brainstorming session.  His boss not only gave him a go on the project, but told him […]

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Guy Gets Creative With Craigslist Posting

The internet just keeps getting more and more classy.  We have all come across those things online that make us really question if there is any hope for the world.  With this one there are multiple ways that this could annoy you to no end.  Someone posted an engagement ring online from an engagement gone […]

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Feeling A Little ADD? It’s The Internet’s Fault

Actually, it’s a little more than just the internet.  It’s all of those phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets and all those other pop up messages that distract you from your current task.  Nicholas Carr’s books and blogs point out that we have become those people that absolutely can’t ignore those day to day distractions from […]

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3D Haters Now Have One More Reason To Hate

Of course those that do like 3D will probably not mind this information much, because some things are worth the risk.  However, I imagine what ABC discovered will at least make you pause a little before you go slipping on those free 3D glasses that your favorite in theater movie requires.  ABC’s Good Housekeeping went […]

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This Week’s Best Nonsense Videos

The internet is a beautiful thing that brings you all sorts of videos that allow for you to waste away your time.  This week my two favorites have to be the humping tortoise, yes a humping tortoise, and a driver misinterpreting the proper way to use a toll booth.  Of course, there’s absolutely no point […]

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Video Explains Twilight To Non-Twilight Fans

This video has officially made me fall in love with the internet all over again.  I am one of the rare women out there that absolutely hates Twilight.  Unfortunately my best friend is obsessed, so I humored her and decided to crack open the books.  I made it through a full book and the first […]

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