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Waste away the time with Guess My Age

Here on Tech Cult we believe that if we find an absolute waste of time website that will completely suck you in, then we  just have to pass it along.  You probably remember Hot or Not, well Guess My Age is pretty much along those lines.  It’s a great way to kill time without sucking […]

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Company Suing Warner Bros. For Pirating Their Anti-Piracy Tech

There isn’t a man alive who hasn’t had to sit through some commercial about piracy or heard about the sue-fest that has gone round again and again to do with all of the piracy.  Warner Bros. just happens to be one of the many trying to fight piracy.  They’ve sued popular music sites and even […]

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Cheating Wife Sues Cellphone Company For Ruining Marriage

It’s a beautiful age we live in, where we can sue just about anyone no matter who is at fault.  Say you’re cheating on your husband and the cellphone company accidentally outs you on the whole affair.  Instead of realizing you made a huge mistake and the universe has found a way to out you, […]

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Villainous Snow Globe Collectors Beware

They’re onto you.  You thought that your elderly status would make them actually believe that you’re just oh so innocently collecting little trinkets from all corners of the world. Well the airlines are onto your scheme, you’re just trying to sneak liquids onto the airplane.  All panic could ensue with people carrying around snow globes!

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Violent Video Game Attacks Gamer

People are always complaining about violent video games corrupting the minds of otherwise non-violent people.  We’ve all heard the studies about what harm it could do and the blame game every single time anything violent happens within a school.  Well as it turns out they should have been worried about video games physically harming their […]

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Robot Officiates Wedding

First there are robots with knives, now they’re giving robots a whole new level of power.  The power to wed couples.  Tomohior Shibato and Satoko Inoue opted to be married by a robot.  Not just any robot, but one charmingly named i-Fairy.  Yes, they even went as far as to get married by a fairy […]

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Everyone panic!! Robots Wielding Knives

Have these scientists never been to a movie theater?!  Don’t they know that the world will eventually be taken over by robots?  We all know it’s true, it’s merely a matter of time.  After all, it happened in the movies and we all know everything that happens in the movies comes true.  Now the researchers […]

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Boy Scouts Give Out Achievements For Video Games

Boy Scouts are a classic club that I’ve always wished I could have joined.  The Boy Scouts get a pocket knife and derby races, while Girl Scouts received a case to hide tampons in and craft classes.  Who wouldn’t rather be in the Boy Scouts?!  One thing that’s similar with both are merit badges.  They’re […]

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