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Philly School District Takes Photos Of Students Without Their Knowledge

This should probably win some kind of award for being the creepiest thing any school corporation has been caught doing.  It’s also a situation of a school with the best of intentions doing something horribly wrong.  A school district issued MacBooks to their students and then proceeded to take 56,000 photos over a period of […]

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Man’s Driver License Taken For Drunk Driving Toy Car

Let’s say you’re incredibly plastered on a Friday night and need to get from A to B.  Well what’s a guy to do?  To get a taxi would be to admit defeat and well your buddies probably wouldn’t show up.  Well for Paul Hutton that means it’s time to pull out the stripped and rebuilt […]

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Video Games Before Bedtime Won’t Cause Sleepless Nights

Have you ever had someone advise against you playing those video games right before bed, because they’d make it so you couldn’t sleep?  Well now there’s ammunition to make sure you have a swift comeback should someone try to get on your tail for that again.  At Flinders University, they conducted a little experiment to […]

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The Wii Used To Fight Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that so far has no cure and stays somewhat of a mystery.  However, one group of genetic researchers and neuroscientists are starting to attempt a new angle.  They believe that by strengthening a person’s cognitive fitness at an earlier age, it could help fight the disease.  To do that they work […]

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Employee Fired Via Text Message

There are a few things if you text or post them on any social networking site, it just makes you an insta-douche.  Texting an employee that they’re fired, yes, that’s one of those things.  Now, I’m by no means saying that technology is at fault.  I fully believe that if Mr. Youell hadn’t had the […]

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Pills With Microchips Know If You Didn’t Take It

We’ve all watched those movies where the stealthy main character pretends to take a pill and instead just keeps it in their mouth.  Well now those days may be coming to a tragic end.  Instead of being able to pop it out of your mouth when they’re not looking and walk away.  The nurses, doctors […]

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US Military Trying To Create Nuclear Reactors Powered By Poop

No one really thinks about it, but when the military has a base out in the middle of the desert all of that poop has to go somewhere.  The military can spend over $65,000 in fuel costs every year just to burn off human waste at a base camp in the Balkans.  Which got one […]

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