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Quit Smoking For Good Thanks To A Facebook App

Quiting smoking isn’t easy and as long as you’re a Facebook app addict, then you might as well get some use out of it.  That is besides sending out mass invites to your entire friends list to join in on the latest application out there.  WeQuit was created to help anyone attempting to give up […]

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Your Germy Keyboard May Be Able To Be Traced Back To You

Microbiologists at the University of Colorado have been up to their ears in keyboards covered in all sorts of bacteria and germs.  Which is a job I’m not sure I could get paid enough to do.  Everyone’s aware of all of the germs that sit in your keyboard.  Well they decided to study all of […]

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Quick Put On The Aluminum Foil Cap Researchers Can Read Your Mind

Well at least that’s what one British team of scientists claims.  They’re doing all of it through brain scans.  Which means you’re pretty much safe if your head isn’t attached to a bunch of wires.  They managed to do this by making 10 people watch a few short films with different actors all about daily […]

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The Internet..bringing you a fresh supply of ghosts to purchase

Internet shopping has become widely popular.  You name it and somewhere it can be found on the internet.  It’s basically become the black market for all things strange and overpriced.  I’m sure if you worked hard enough you could find a few body parts to buy over the internet that were likely taken out while […]

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Parents Take Care of Virtual Child And Neglect Real One

We all know gaming is a great way to escape reality, much like books and movies have done in the past.  You become a parent and realize that it’s actually a whole lot more work and a thankless job at that, so maybe you go online and enjoy a virtual kid much better than your […]

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Been Talking To Your Computer? Study Says You’re Lonely

I’ve always talked to my cars and once I had a computer of my own, well I talked to that too.  Then again, I talk to my dog on occasion too.  I’m much worse with cars than I am with computers though.  I apologize to the car when I hit a bump too hard, mostly […]

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