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Burglar Forgets To Lock Cellphone And Accidentally Calls 911

There are several things in life that most people with common sense have learned not to do.  Sadly though, common sense is apparently not something we were all born with.  One thing you might want to be careful about, make sure that your cellphone is locked before you go doing anything particularly illegal.  That’s one […]

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Dalai Lama Joined Twitter…no, seriously

I know, there was that fake profile a long while ago that fooled thousands of people.  It’s real this time though!  It was actually confirmed by the VP of Communications Sean Garret when he formally welcomed him to the Twitter world.  Sure, it’s probably someone that works for the Dalai Lama posting things for him, […]

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Professionalism Overrated – Chefs Use Twitter To Retaliate

There was a time when chefs would deal with their setbacks quietly.  If they received a bad review from a food critic they would gripe to buddies and then try their best to come back from the bad publicity.  If you had a vendor that was causing problems you either dealt with it or found […]

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Strangest Way To Post An Apartment On Craigslist

If you’ve ever used Craigslist, you know the strange things you can find when you’re just innocently or not so innocently browsing.  Plus you also know when posting items for sale or rent, it can be difficult to stand out from the masses.  Thankfully there are people like this guy to set a good example […]

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Stanford Students Get Better Grades Through Copy And Paste

Stanford University is a place that most people think of being top of the line.  With a clean cut campus and extremely intelligent students to go with it.  Most would expect them to be fairly honest students, but it turns out that Stanford is having a small issue with students adjusting their grades all on […]

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Thank Goodness For The iGotaBigAssPocket Jeans

Whether you’re a huge Apple fan or not, it’s difficult to not hear about it when Apple manages to come out with yet another new gadget.  Which means that it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about the iPad and all of the various jokes that have followed the announcement.  One of my favorite being […]

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Webcams Save Lives Or At Least One

We’ve all heard of those websites or even watched a couple that broadcast things like pretty scenery or even puppies at play.  We’re all aware of what a complete and utter waste of time they are, but they’re still fun to check out on occasion.  Well one woman decided to watch the sun setting over […]

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Your Big Screen Super Bowl Party Could Be Illegal…sort of

Recently someone made a comment that you can’t watch the Super Bowl on a TV screen any larger then 55 inches.  Well, as it turns out there is a grain of truth behind their statement.  It’s actually laid out in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 110 called “limitations on exclusive rights: exemption of certain performances […]

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