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Google Translator Not The Most Reliable Translator For Tattoos

Sure, Google Translator works out great for making a quick translation on the internet.  I usually use it to check out product pages really quick that aren’t printed in English.  One thing that it’s not so good for, translating a random bit of text so that you can then in turn tattoo the translation onto […]

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Fake Looking Bomb Detecting Device Is Shockingly Fake

What do you get when you throw together some plastic and a metal rod?  A metal detector of course.  Completely believable right?  Well apparently it is for some, because one UK company has managed to make millions on the device.  Thankfully a UK news team decided to analyze the device a whole lot closer than […]

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Man Creates Entire Website Dedicated To His Wife Crying After Movies

The internet is a wondrous thing, just be willing to make fun of yourself or your loved ones and you’re instantly an internet hero.  Then all you have to do is slap together a website and keep the gig going.  Sure, the one you enjoy making fun of so much will probably resent you eventually, […]

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Ron Jeremy Frowns On Violent Video Games

Well now that Ron Jeremy has said they’re wrong, everyone stop creating them!  Surely such an upstanding man as Ron Jeremy will cause developers to look deeply into their soul and realize where they’ve gone wrong.  According to him despite him fighting to keep porn out of the hands of children, he doesn’t believe that […]

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Google Earth Actually Makes Scientific Breakthrough

If the scientists can’t find a mythical lost city, don’t worry, Google Earth can.  It used to be people dreamed of finding some lost city, but the odds of that happening in this day and age seem slim to none.  The idea of running off to an island that no one knows exists can be […]

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Recycled Tree Turned Into Rocket

People are always preaching that it’s important to recycle, they scowl at those that don’t bother to make sure their cans end up in the proper area.  Well something tells me this is not what they had in mind when they discussed recycling your Christmas tree.  However, you can’t help but enjoy watching a Christmas […]

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Love Found In World Of Warcraft Between Teen and 42 Year Old

That’s touching, one couple found true love, all through WoW.  Granted it was between a 16 year old boy and a 42 year old woman, but that’s not creepy in the least.  The couple has been enjoying each other’s company for 2 years online, both gaming and engaging in “overt sexual discussions.”  Unfortunately for the […]

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No New Year’s Resolution, There’s A Website For That

Those of you that haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and come up with a New Year’s resolution can cheat your way through the process.  Perhaps you’ve made so many that you’re running out of original ideas.  Thankfully, as usual the internet is here to save the day.  Just go to this website and instead of […]

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