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Fugitive Taunting Authorities With Facebook Updates

People have managed to get caught doing all sorts of things thanks to their favorite social networking websites.  Sometimes it gets them fired and every so often it even gets them into trouble with the law.  Well one criminal is actually posting things on his Facebook, purely for the police.  He escaped from prison this […]

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Can’t Get The Kids To Stop Their Video Game, Call 911

When parents are frustrated beyond repair, I’m sure they think up a great deal of drastic measures to solve the problem.  However, I never guessed that someone would call 911 just to get their 14 year old son to turn off their Playstation and go to bed.  That’s exactly what Angela Meija did at 2:30 […]

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Geek Culture Is Scaring Away The Ladies (from computer science fields)

Sometimes geek culture can seem a bit overwhelming to the outside world.  Unfortunately, you mention someone has a computer science major to the general public and they’ve already rendered an image in their head of the stereotype we’re all quite familiar with.  Not surprisingly, that stereotype is much of the reason that women seem to […]

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Study Finds Wii Fit Isn’t Enough To Buff You Up…shocking

You have to love studies that prove things that you could have already guessed all on your own by just having a sliver of common sense.  The Wii Fit is a fun game to play with, it’s great for getting families off of the couch and at least somewhat improving their lifestyle.  Everyone I know […]

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Men Involved In Police Chase While Testing Out Homemade Train

What happens when a few mischievous geeks decide to do something with a few old parts lying around?  Well they get a police helicopter called on them of course.  Yes, they don’t just settle for getting chased down by a few cop cars, they have to do it right and have the helicopter pulled out […]

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Jail Time For Accidental Child Porn Download

We’ve all made those innocent Google searches and come up with results that are far from innocent.  It’s just one of those things that tends to happen.  You may have also downloaded items from the internet and ended up with something very different than what you actually wanted.  Well one young male went to download […]

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Student Orchestra performs with only iPhones

Depending if you’re more of a technology enthusiast or a music enthusiast you’ll either find this to be incredibly cool or a musical abomination.  One of the two.  A group of students at the University of Michigan take classes from the instructor Georg Essl.  In that class they’re learning the art of building, designing and […]

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Couple Updates Their Facebook At The Alter

Facebook and Twitter always seem to bring plenty of amusement to people.  Be it because of their social networking benefits or laughing at the stupid things people have done through the websites.  One couple is so amused by their own Facebook and Twitter accounts that they decided to update their relationship status….at the alter.  Therefore […]

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