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Obama To Protect Us From Robots

Obama like every other President we’ve had is great at keeping people talking.  Of course, people may not always be speaking fondly of him, but they do talk.  Whether you like him or not, the random geeky references he seems to mingle in with his politics keeps things interesting.  Now he’s promising to protect us […]

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Twitter Actually Being Used For Good

Twitter has been used to do a great number of things and a great deal of those have not exactly been good things.  Twitter has even managed to kill off people before.   It’s safe to say that over time Twitter hasn’t exactly gotten the best of reputations.  Well one man is actually using his Twitter […]

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Japanese Man To Legally Marry Video Game Character

Technology is a strange and beautiful thing.  Within the internet you can be 100lbs lighter and much more successful.  Pick yourself up a Nintendo DS and you can even get your very own virtual girlfriend.  No, I don’t mean just dating a person through the internet, I mean dating a girl that actually doesn’t exist […]

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Online Scammer Preying On Twilight Fans

Women flocked by the masses to see Twilight’s New Moon last night, dragging along the occasional unlucky male with them.  All the while malware purveyors were taking advantage of the latest big thing.  Oblivious Twilight fans casually wander about the web and happen to fall into these well placed traps.  Probably making quite a few […]

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Wife Poses As Chat Room Teen And Gets Husband Arrested

All 69 year old men with a thing for underage girls should beware.  If your wife is onto you, you could find yourself in some serious trouble.  One has found himself caught and is now a registered sex offender.  He went into a chat room and began to proposition what he thought was a 14 […]

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AARP Reveals The Elderly Are Enjoying Their Sexting

I feel the need to insert a small disclaimer here, what you’re about to read, you can never erase from your mind.  Even worse, once you know, you’re just dying to tell other people despite that you wish you’d never found out in the first place.  As it turns out, senior citizens sexting is on […]

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Texting Bus Driver Busted By A Passenger’s Phone Pic

We’ve all on occasion caught a city paid driver texting away as they weave in and out of traffic.  It’s enough to make most people sweat bullets as you just barely miss the bumper of several vehicles.  Not to mention when the driver almost plows into the side of a vehicle that cuts you off, […]

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Social Worker Posts Sex Ad And Lists Child’s Phone Number

Craigslist is great for finding cheap furniture and getting rid of things that are cluttering up your garage.  However, it’s also notorious for its strange sex related ads posted by different people.  This ad actually targeted a 9 year old girl, who supposedly got into an argument with Margery Tannenbaum’s daughter.  Margery is accused of […]

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