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Pilots messing with laptops overshoot destination

Everyone has their ways to deal with those long flights, a lot of us are on our laptops or other electronic devices as soon as it’s allowed in the plane.  Well it turns out that the passengers aren’t the only ones enjoying their technology just a little too much.  Two pilots were on a Northwest […]

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Hulu Takes A Beautiful Thing And Ruins It

Hulu has brought our TV shows to the internet and made it much easier to watch TV whenever you feel like it.  If you miss a couple weeks of your favorite show, it’ll probably still be there waiting for you.  Yes, you do have to deal with ads and there’s no way to fast forward […]

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Driver Crashes Into Cop Car While Texting

If one were creating a top ten list of things not to do, this would at least be in the top five.  Texting while driving is an act that even if it’s still legal in your state, it’s heavily frowned upon.  Even though it’s not illegal now, it just seems as if it’s going to […]

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Poking Within Facebook Could Land You In Jail

It turns out there are more things to worry about on Facebook than just posting a not so well thought out status.  No, now you need to worry about who you poke.  Should anyone have a restraining order on you, poking them is not the best idea.  Shockingly, it can actually land you in jail.  […]

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Tweance Talks To Dead Celebrities On Twitter For Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time of year, but it does tend to draw out some strange events you’d never expect.  One of which is a Twittering psychic who will be contacting some famous dead celebrities just for your amusement.  Of course to choose which celebrities they’re leaving that up to you.  Just put in […]

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The Internet Is Creating ADHD Emo Teens

That’s right, the next time you see a teen looking incredibly Emo and wonder where we went wrong, now you’ll know.  Teens that become addicted to the internet may make them not only ADHD, but depressed on top of it.  Which is just a stellar combination.  They can’t pay attention and they have the squirly […]

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Filmmakers Using Brain Scans To Make Horror Movies Better

For those of you that are big time into scary movies, you might find that you’re slowly getting numb to all that gore.  After a while, many of us have become a little more difficult to really scare.  Well now filmmakers might be resorting to slightly more scientific methods to make you scream like a […]

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Man Chooses To Be Buried In Computer Case

True geeks can never do anything in a normal manner.  We have to have geeky coffee cups and geek themed cuff links, so why would our deaths be any different?  I have heard of a couple slightly geeky ways to leave this world, but this one tops them all.  Alan decided that he wanted to […]

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