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European Commission To Set Volume Limiter on Media Players

Those of you in Europe are about to get your hearing protected whether you like it or not.  The European Commission has decided for you that you really should be more careful about how loud you listen to your music.  Obviously, you are far too ignorant to make those choices all on your own.  They’re […]

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Postal Worker manages to steal 3,000 Netflix DVDs

Sometimes there are criminals so incredibly brilliant that you can’t help but be in awe of their skill.  Myles Weathers is not one of those criminals.  No, this is the type you half hope they add a few years to his sentence purely because he’s just so stupid that’s exactly what he deserves.  For those […]

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Robot for Tandem Bicycle Takes Over The Work

Someone has finally created a robot to make it possible for you to not have to pedal at all.  This robot goes on the back of a tandem bicycle and peddles away.  It’s almost like a motor attached to a couple of wheels.  If only there were other devices like that.  Like say, cars or […]

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Another Employee Fired Over Twitter Post So Goes To YouTube

It seems that people will never learn to be more cautious about what they post online.  One more person posted something they probably shouldn’t have and managed to get themselves fired.  On the up side of this story, it means that there will always be an endless supply of stories exactly like this to keep […]

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Strange Car Wrecks featured On Blog For Your Amusement

Now here’s a Sunday kind of activity that is bound to cheer you up, even though Monday is creeping up all too soon.  This little gem of a website will make you realize that no matter what’s plaguing your mind, it’s not that bad.  It’ll of course make you also tilt your head to the […]

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Kick your World of Warcraft addiction for only $14,000

I’ve been one of the many that have gotten lost in World of Warcraft.  I don’t play anymore, as I’m also one of the many that played so much that I ended up getting burned out on the game.  Well apparently I’m one of the lucky ones.  For those that are completely addicted and can’t […]

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Money Buys Everything After All, Including Facebook Friends

Your parents always yammered about how money doesn’t buy everything and all that nonsense.  Well now here’s more proof they were just flat wrong.  An Australian company is currently offering a service where you can purchase friends from them.  The CEO for uSocial points out that “Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool.”  They do […]

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Tax Evaders Tracked Down Through Facebook

After years of experience on the internet, I’ve come to one clear conclusion.  Facebook is the root of all evil.  Well, actually just social networking sites in general.  Facebook has been utilized to do everything from getting people fired to putting criminals back on the streets thanks to a status message that should have perhaps […]

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