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Energizer Disguises AA batteries as D batteries

Times are tough and companies are constantly looking for a way to make a few more bucks.  Well Energizer is no exception, if they can make extra cash in some way they’re going to do it.  One would have hoped they’d attempt to come by this money honestly, but as it turns out there’s no […]

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Twitter about to make it easier for online friends to stalk you

Soon Twitter may be allowing users to choose to give their exact location at the time of their tweet.  When you post a tweet it’ll attach the longitude and latitude of your current location, giving your friends a heads up on exactly where you’re at.  Of course, you’d have to be extremely trusting of the […]

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Zoo Animal Poop To Power Cars

That’s right, you could sometime in the future run your car on elephant poop.  Which despite all of the green benefits and not to mention the fact that you’re a full grown adult, I still doubt that anyone could resist laughing just a little on that one.  I suppose if you’re going to base a […]

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Former LucasArts CEO to run for Congress

For those of you that were just about to give up on the world, there might be hope yet.  A former LucasArts CEO is attempting to land himself a seat in Congress.  Although I’m sure that there are some viewpoints you’ll disagree with when it comes to his politics.  However, it’d be nice to have […]

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Software To Create Backup DVDs Illegal But The DVDs Are Not

No matter where you go, you’re going to run into laws that can be described as nothing but pure stupidity.  Be it old outdated laws that should be gotten rid of or just ones that are a royal pain in the ass.  Well those of us in the US are definitely no exception to that.  […]

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Older crowd running the younger ones out of Social Networking Sites

No one wants to post their status when it’s their Mother that can easily glance at it.  After all, “Out having beers and picking up some ladies with the guys” may sound cool to your friends, but your parents are probably going to frown on that one.  Especially if you happen to below the age […]

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Linux officially a threat according to Microsoft

The world has officially turned upside down.  First Apple starts whimpering over Microsoft’s new commercials and now Microsoft has actually admitted to being threatened by Linux.  It’s complete madness!  Both Microsoft and Apple always seem to act as if they could never be threatened by anyone, they are untouchable, and that’s the end of the […]

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Latest study shows texting drivers 23 times more likely to wreck

People who text and drive are fairly common, I will admit that it seems that some are exceptionally skilled with it.  Myself, I’m not so grand at it, but in my defense, I have one of those phones that you can’t feel where you’re at on the number pad, plus I drive a stick shift.  […]

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