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Psychiatrists to treat World of Warcraft addicts within game

We’ve all heard of gamers so addicted to their games that they forget to function in real life.  Actually, some have even briefly been that person, but most snap out of it all on their own.  For those that don’t and need psychiatric help, one psychiatrist is working on creating a program specifically for the […]

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Website shows how you’d look with a different race, age or gender

No longer does one have to wait years upon years to discover how they’ll look when they’re old and wrinkled.  Just pop on over to the Face of the Future website and it will show you what your future has in store for you.  Of course, there will be slight variations, but you’ll at least […]

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Virginity Rates by College Major proves computer geeks are getting some

We’ve all heard the jokes, that we computer geeks are a bunch of virgins that couldn’t possibly get any action.  Well now there is statistical proof for those of you that have a computer science major, that you and your classmates are getting at least some action.  It may have been just once, but it […]

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Meeting Ticker may make coworkers hate you

Alright so no one enjoys meetings, you have to sit around and talk about things you’re not always all that interested in.  So the highlight of the meeting is usually the small talk that tends to happen during the meeting.  If you aren’t a fan of all that small talk, then this is the way […]

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Apple pleads with Microsoft to cease Laptop Hunter ads

It all starts out that Apple creates a series of ads bashing Microsoft, so after several Mac vs PC commercials, PC finally got smart.  They release their laptop hunter ads.  Apple’s response?  Well to piss and moan of course.  Honestly, I had no idea that the laptop hunter ads were such a success and apparently […]

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Dealing with First Person Shooter Disease

Those of you that have spent a little too much time gaming know the ailments that can follow.  Be it gaining just a little too much weight or suddenly realizing you’ve spent an hour explaining how to power level a character in World of Warcraft to a person who couldn’t really care less.  There are […]

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Guy screwed by the airlines gets back with online music video

The internet is a beautiful thing, when some big corporation screws you over, you can actually voice your opinion to the masses.  Which is what one poor musician did whose guitar received some serious abuse while he was flying with the United Airlines.  His poor Taylor acoustic guitar was broken and cost Dave Caroll $1,200 […]

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Jay Leno wins from cybersquatting real estate agent

Back in 2004 a Texas real estate agent, Guadalupe Zambrano, decided that he would take his real estate website and put it on  Probably figuring he’d get far more traffic from people searching for the website associated with Jay Leno’s show.  Even if that didn’t work, I imagine he guessed that Jay Leno would […]

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