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China’s CCTV claims Google porn causes memory loss

China’s CCTV recently made an attempt to slam Google for allowing innocent users to search for porn and actually find it.  So they interview someone who claims to be just an innocent little university student.  This particular student had heard claims that porn would give one memory loss.  I know, we’ve all heard hairy palms […]

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Death by Twitter – Girl Electrocuted in Bathtub

There is finally proof that Twitter is going to be the death of mankind or at least the death of the very ignorant portion of mankind.  One Romanian 17 year old decided that she had to Twitter so badly that she had to do it even while she was in the bathtub.  So while soaking […]

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To honor Father’s Day Obama lectures dads on proper parenting

Happy Father’s Day dads, it’s a day to celebrate your parental achievements by listening to Obama tell you how you’re doing it wrong.  In true politician style, he went straight for the easy scapegoat too.  If you didn’t hear it yourself, you can probably guess it.  Yes, he went straight for video games.  I still […]

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Researchers shockingly discover we use the net to reinforce beliefs

Thank you Captain Obvious.  Anyone else tired of researchers spending money just so that they can prove something we already knew?  This time they’ve spent money just to prove that people spend more time reading up on things that support their point of view on the internet than things that don’t support them.  They monitored […]

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Microsoft seeks patent for Hot or Not type program

Hot or Not is a pretty infamous program, it would be difficult for anyone who hasn’t been on the internet within the past few years to not know about it.  Basically it’s a website you can visit where you rate people purely based on their appearance.  It’s one of those things that usually involves intense […]

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Wii Peripheral Could Double As Lie Detector

You may have heard about the new Wii Vitality Sensor that was announced last week at E3.  It looked much like what you would have jammed on your finger while you’re sitting in the hospital.  Well it’s entirely possible that this Vitality Sensor could be used in order to detect when someone is not telling […]

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Feds fighting for your internet privacy

Yes, that’s right, and every single conspiracy theorist is going to cry out at once that it must be a lie.  Usually when one thinks of the Feds, they think of hearing about them watching over conversations to pick up on key terms to look for terrorists or something along those lines.  However, oddly the […]

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Psychic’s powers to be tested using Twitter

Twitter is now even being utilized to study the supernatural, to be specific they’re studying “remote viewing” which is the psychic ability to identify distant locations.  Apparently this is the absolute first experiment to be conducted using this particular social messaging service.  It’s definitely the first I’ve heard of to test psychic abilities over the […]

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