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GPS helps mommy keep tabs on her adult son

Alright, so he is still a teenager, 19 to be exact, but still old enough to be out of the house.  He pops the GPS unit into his pocket and she can find him within a 15 foot radius while he travels.  It even sends her a text message if he ends up someplace he […]

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Smokers more likely to quit with help of web programs

When times get tough, people start debating on what things would be better to give up in order to save a little extra cash.  For those that think it might be time to give up smoking, they might find they’ll have better luck if they get a little extra help from technology.  According to research […]

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Parents utilizing cellphones as parenting tools

It’s no news flash that babies and toddlers seem to love cellphones.  Probably because they can grasp them firmly in their hand and easily jam them into their mouths.  I’ve had my niece snatch away mine on numerous occasions only to attempt to use it to gnaw on while she was teething.  Well apparently USA […]

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BillMyParents lets kids shop with parents money

The internet is still a somewhat puzzling thing for some parents.  Which makes things frustrating for their children, especially when those kids prefer to shop online from the comfort of their home.  It’s also a frustration for the less tech inclined parents to go through a Christmas list and find only a list of printed […]

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Inmate sentenced 60 extra years for having cellphone

If you’re reading this from Texas and in jail, on an iPhone you managed to smuggle in, you might want to ditch the phone quickly.  One inmate managed to land himself an extra 60 years after being found with a cellphone on him.  The Anderson County inmate looked a little suspicious to correctional officers, so […]

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A loving tribute to noobs or at least the word

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the internet, you’ve probably seen the word noob.  You may have even used it yourself.  Well noobs might finally get the recognition they deserve or at least the word itself will.  You see there’s such a thing as the Global Language Monitor, that monitors languages in general.  […]

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Sex Offenders may be required to register online game names

We’ve all heard about sex offenders hitting the internet and utilizing various social sites to connect with prospective victims.  Well of course logically speaking it’s likely that said offenders would branch out and use video games to do the same.  Although some gaming companies such as Nintendo do make an effort to prevent online chat […]

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YouTube used to deliver baby

Usually my use of YouTube is limited to frivolous things like random music videos or something humorous.  I don’t really use it for anything remotely educational, it’s better used as a tool to procrastinate doing laundry or dishes.  Well one guy managed to get educated on YouTube just enough to deliver his baby boy.  He […]

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