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Utilizing technology to stay informed on Swine Flu

I have quietly watched and waited to see how the new Swine Flu scare plays out.  More than anything I have found the role that technology is playing in this to be fascinating.  I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the role Twitter has managed to play.  After Swine Flu started to hit, Twitter of […]

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Pirate Bay’s judge might be proven biased

Pirate Bay may have some hope after all.  I’m sure they had some cards up their sleeves that were still to come in order to deal with their sentence.  However, this little gem just dropped into their lap.  Apparently the judge might be a little biased as far as the case goes.  He’s a part […]

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Women are more tech savvy than they realize

Women’s role in technology is one that has been analyzed time and again from several different angles.  It’s true that not enough women are within the technology fields, but as this new study shows, women are not less tech savvy than men.  They asked both sexes if they felt that they were extremely tech savvy.  […]

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Pirate Bay founders sentenced to jail time

Although the music industry has begun to lose their smaller battles, they have won in a different way.  Instead this time they went after Pirate Bay.  Just from what I’ve seen, the guys behind Pirate Bay really thought that they were untouchable.  In some ways they come off as cocky, but from the sounds of […]

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Beware Torrent users – Miramax reprimands with free movie tickets

In this age of the internet, conspiracy theorists are sounding far less crazy.  They are indeed watching us, whoever they are.  We all know that whatever we post online can be found by people we don’t want to find it.  I don’t think this Twitter user quite expected Miramax to contact her so quickly though.  […]

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Police locate drunken man using a GPS chip

As many have discovered GPS has many useful perks.  Your GPS in your car can take you down all kinds of strange places if you’re ignorant enough to listen to it blindly.  Another nice perk is the chip in your cellphone allows for the police to find you in the event of an emergency.  It’s […]

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Kid learns the hard way no good deed goes unpunished

So let’s say you are out for your 18th birthday and you stumble across a cellphone left on the sidewalk.  Do you pick it up and find a way to return it or just leave it there and pretend you didn’t see it?  Well apparently those of you that would leave it are the smart […]

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Anthropologist studies World of Warcraft for book

WoW players get a lot of abuse, even from within the gaming world.  This is mainly because most gamers have experienced MMORPG games before and have therefore also had that feeling that it’s slowly sucking the life out of their soul.  Granted, it doesn’t have to be that way, but playing in moderation does take […]

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